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 Bracebridge Dinners Housekeeper_and_Forest_Folk_by_Lani_Spicer_low_1280x642
Lani Spicer


Bracebridge Dinners

Enter Yosemite Valley to travel back in time to Christmas Past. Heraldic horns sound throughout Yosemite National Park's elegant Majestic Yosemite Hotel (formerly known as the Ahwahnee), calling guests to enter Bracebridge Hall. Come travel back through time to a Christmas of centuries past, where glorious music and sumptuous food are but part of this remarkable holiday tradition. Lord Neville of Bracebridge, a character created by American author Washington Irving, kicks things off with proclamations of "food and riches without measure,” and invitations to “let our conviviality abound!" It’s not hard when you’re surrounded by talented singers and performers in luxurious 18th-century costumes, then served a Yuletide feast, all in a spectacular stone-and-timber lodge set in a snowy Yosemite. Can’t get more magical than that, now can it?