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Dine at a Michelin-Star Restaurant in California

Dine at a Michelin-Star Restaurant in California

Choose from dozens of acclaimed restaurants across the Golden State

The Michelin Guide and its coveted stars represent the highest honor for restaurants around the globe—think of them as the Oscars of the culinary world. Only the best of the best can dream of being recognized by the French company. Good news for California travelers: Dozens of those dreamers and achievers operate in the Golden State. As of 2022, California is home to a dazzling 88 Michelin-starred restaurants, including seven three-star restaurants—the most of any state in the U.S.

While Michelin has been around for 130-plus years, the very first Michelin Guide California was published in 2019. After a brief pandemic hiatus, the guide publishes now annually, covering the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles County, San Diego County, Orange County, Santa Barbara, Monterey, Sacramento, Mendocino, and Greater Palm Springs.

From omakase-style sushi from a basketball player-turned-chef in Los Angeles to a painstakingly beautiful meat-free menu sourced from a regenerative farm in San Francisco, here’s a look at where you can find a coveted Michelin-worthy dining experience in the Golden State.

The Elite Three-Star Destinations

Restaurants can be designated with one, two, or three Michelin stars. (Of course, the vast majority receive no stars at all.) Three stars mean a restaurant is nearly perfect, or in Michelin’s words “exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey.” This restaurant isn’t a vacation stop; it’s the destination. From the quality of the food to the precision of plating, everything served needs to be flawlessly executed.