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Tallest Mountain in the Lower 48 VC_SuperSizedCalifornia_TallestMtnContientalUS_MtWhitney_Stock_RM_133046115_1280x640
Peter Bohler/Getty Images

Tallest Mountain in the Lower 48

Tallest Mountain in the Lower 48
Mount Whitney

At 14,505 feet, this Sierra Nevada beast soars higher than any other peak in the contiguous United States. Yes, it’s a giant, but it’s also a nontechnical climb, making it one of the most-bagged summits in the country. It’s just shy of 11 miles up—way up—from the Whitney Portal trailhead, located 13 miles west of the town of Lone Pine. (Find details on required permits here.) For a relatively easy jaunt and great views of the hornlike granite spires topping Mount Whitney, try the five-to-six-mile round-trip hike to Lone Pine Lake. (Starts at Whitney Portal; no permit required.)