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Bi-weekly podcast

Balboa Park, Wellness Travel, Wide Open Walls

Plan the perfect day in San Diego’s iconic park and explore larger-than-life murals in Sacramento

Join host Soterios Johnson as he explores America’s largest urban cultural park: Balboa Park in sunny San Diego. Jennifer Davies, a Director of Cultural Tourism for the San Diego Tourism Authority, shares insights about the park’s 17 museums and 1,200 acres, putting the entire experience into perspective. Davies maps out an ideal itinerary for a fun-filled, family-friendly day. Think model trains, organ music, and a sculpture garden picnic. Plus, she shares insider tips to get the most Balboa bang for your buck.

The episode shifts to a blissful note thanks to John Wogan, Special Projects Editor for Travel + Leisure, who discusses the burgeoning trend of wellness vacations. Find out his selections for California resorts focusing on self-improvement, spiritual awakening, spa luxury, and more. Wrapping things up, Johnson is joined by David Sobon, founder of Wide Open Walls, an annual outdoor arts festival in Sacramento. Sobon shares why the 11-day celebration in August is a must-see, and he explains how to best experience Sacramento’s 85-plus murals any time of year.

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Balboa Park’s Jennifer Davies highlights the must-see spots in San Diego’s gorgeous greenspace.

John Wogan, Special Projects Editor for Travel + Leisure, discusses the growing trend of wellness travel.

David Sobon, founder of Wide Open Walls, shares exciting developments about Sacramento’s annual mural festival.

About the Host

Soterios Johnson, formerly the local host of National Public Radio’s Morning Edition on radio station WNYC, moved from New York City to Davis, Calif., in 2016 and is just getting to know his surroundings. By combining his journalistic instincts with his personal curiosity, Johnson will use the California Now platform to develop a deeper understanding of his adopted home.