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Summer Fun in Mammoth

Summer Fun in Mammoth

Discover high-mountain beauty

There’s a saying around here that people come for the winter, but stay for the summer. Come see why for yourself. Snowmelt creeks tumble down the mountainsides, and meadows sprinkled with wildflowers spring up everywhere. This eastern side of the Sierra, including Mammoth Mountain (actually a volcano surrounded by granite peaks) comes alive in summer, a perfect time to head out and explore. While hiking and climbing are top pursuits in the region, you don’t have to lace up beefy boots and load up on energy bars to get your mountain fix; trails lace the region, and there are plenty of low-key rambles, and mountain biking too. Even if you’re not a hiker, it’s easy to enjoy the high-country spectacle of the surrounding Sierra Nevada by riding to the Mammoth Mountain summit (11,053 feet/3,369 meters) by scenic gondola; it runs mid-June through September.

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