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Black Chasm Cavern

Go underground to see nature’s subterranean surprises

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Gold is not the only treasure hidden underground in this part of the world. Natural caves are another remarkable find in the region. Children love scrambling down into an unseen world of strange formations and, when you switch off the torches, total darkness. Naturally cool caves can also be an inviting escape from the region’s hot summer days. 

This National Natural Landmark, a little more than an hour’s drive east of Sacramento, offers a children friendly 50 minute Walk Tour, letting you see varied rock formations, including stalactites, stalagmites, flowstones, and rare delicate helictite crystals. Do your children have energy to burn? Children ages 8 and up can join you in a 3 hour, above ground Labyrinth Tour. Children must wear hard hats and safety goggles, then they can scramble, slide, climb, and slither through rock formations uncovered by hydraulic mining in the 19th century. 

For tamer discoveries, try gemstone mining, using screen bottomed boxes to sift for treasures, and gold panning, also offered on site.

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