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7 Cool Ways to Play in the Pacific Ocean

7 Cool Ways to Play in the Pacific Ocean

Pull on your swimsuit and slather on sunscreen to try these saltwater-based sports in California

Summer is the season for azure waves and golden-sand beaches, and vacations are the chance to veer off life's beaten path. Combine both by plunging into a new seaside sport—pedal a hydrobike, float on a paddleboard, snorkel with sea creatures, learn how to sail, or master your surfing pop-up. Your next great aquatic adventure awaits in California’s cool, soothing Pacific Ocean, so check out these seven ways to get your feet wet while expanding your horizons:


California has movie-set beaches and endless sunny skies, but some of its most amazing wonders lie just below the ocean waves. Buy or rent a snorkel, goggles, and swim fins (flippers), and let the sea reveal its treasures. In San Diego, snorkeling in La Jolla Cove is like swimming in a giant aquarium filled with sea urchins, bat rays, barracuda, and gentle leopard sharks. On Laguna Beach's shoreline, flip your flippers around Shaw's Cove or Diver's Cove and spot a huge variety of sea life remarkably close to shore. Catalina Island is also top-notch for snorkeling, its shoreline teeming with bright orange garibaldis, kelp bass, rockfish, and eels. Get acquainted with the marine life at Casino Point Dive Park or Lover's Cove.