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The Best Coffee Shops in Los Angeles

The Best Coffee Shops in Los Angeles

The top cafes in Los Angeles County are known for their creative coffee offerings and unique vibes

Given its diverse population and unique neighborhoods, it’s no surprise Los Angeles County boasts a vibrant and dynamic coffee culture. From walk-up windows to expansive warehouse spaces, there are plenty of places to find a cup of joe. We’ve curated a list of 12 of the best coffee shops and cafes across the Los Angeles area based on their ambiences and signature drinks.

Best Los Angeles Coffee Shop for a Beachy Atmosphere: Menotti’s Coffee Stop

Location: Venice

Mere feet from the boardwalk, Menotti’s Venice Beach location is the epitome of California cool. They have a small but bright indoor space and a minimal drink menu focused on espresso. Order one of the popular Spanish Lattes or a Cafe Rico (espresso, orange zest, and vanilla) and take it to the patio. Enjoy the ocean breeze and sounds of music from the record player—you can even request an album from the barista.

Best Los Angeles Coffee Shop for Peace and Quiet: The Conservatory for Coffee, Tea, & Cocoa

Location: Culver City

This Culver City spot is a neighborhood gem where the staff knows their stuff and the pastries are delicious (and often allergy-friendly). There’s no Wi-Fi here, so go for a coffee date or to get stuff done offline—you’ll probably see some writers at work while you’re there. Try an iced hazelnut or toffee latte—they make the syrups in-house, and even the dairy alternative options are deliciously creamy.

The Best Coffee Shops in Los Angeles, Highly Likely

Best Los Angeles Coffee Shop for a Lunch Date: Highly Likely Cafe

Location: West Adams

When you want to linger over coffee and lunch, Highly Likely is the place. Take a 10-minute drive east of Culver City and find this West Adams cafe with an extensive line of specialty coffee and teas. Try a latte with house-made syrup, or a refreshing iced matcha. The food menu has a little bit of everything, too: toasts and burritos, sandwiches, salads, tacos. If you’re taking it from day to night, Highly Likely also has an impressive wine selection. Order at the counter, then grab a table inside or outside.

Best Los Angeles Coffee Shop for Community Connection: Sip & Sonder

Location: Inglewood

This South Los Angeles coffee shop has some of the best ambience in town. It’s women- and Black-owned, and hosts a variety of community events, from open mic nights to fireside chats. With free Wi-Fi and expansive lounge seating, it makes a great daytime workspace. There’s also a solid collection of games and books to keep you occupied over drinks and pastries. If you’re feeling adventurous, ask the barista to make you one of their signature vanilla-and-charcoal Onyx lattes.

The Best Coffee Shops in Los Angeles, Alfred Coffee

Best Los Angeles Coffee Shop for Iced Lattes: Alfred Coffee

Location: West Hollywood

The original location of this popular coffee establishment, Alfred Coffee at Melrose Place in West Hollywoodoffers great drinks and quintessential L.A. vibes. Founder and native Angeleno Josh Zad coined the tagline “But first, coffee” back in 2013. You have to try the “World-Famous Iced Vanilla Latte” at least once—the house-made vanilla is made with real vanilla bean. This is the perfect spot to meet up with friends or grab your morning brew before shopping around West Hollywood’s trendy Melrose area. You might even spot a celebrity.

Best Los Angeles Coffee Shop for Working Weekends: Stereoscope Coffee Co.

Location: Echo Park

Stereoscope’s Echo Park location is a sunny craft-coffee bar with plenty of workspace. The shop features window seating around the perimeter, large communal tables, and a few cute two-seaters. Plus, free Wi-Fi, plenty of power outlets, and extended hours—this location stays open until 9 p.m.—make this a great spot to stay a while. Order a pour-over, and if you’re here on a weekend, treat yourself to a cup of delicious espresso or matcha soft serve.

The Best Coffee Shops in Los Angeles, Endorffeine

Best Los Angeles Coffee Shop for On-the-Go Cyclists: 10 Speed Coffee

Locations: Santa Monica, Calabasas, and Sawtelle

Inspired by biking culture, 10 Speed Coffee is the perfect spot to grab a refreshing cold brew or espresso after a rewarding ride on nearby roads or trails. Everyday coffee enthusiasts can also appreciate 10 Speed’s inviting interior, thoughtfully prepared drinks, pastries, and the occasional piece of cycling-themed decor. Visit one of its three locations in Santa MonicaCalabasas, or Sawtelle to experience this unique café known for micro-batch roasting their beans on-site daily.  

Best Los Angeles Coffee Shop for an Intimate Coffee Bar Experience: Endorffeine

Location: Chinatown

Endorffeine offers a sleek experience with intimate service. Located minutes from Dodger Stadium in Chinatown, this coffee shop is owned and run by Jack Benchakul, who creates specialty drinks inspired by his Thai heritage. Jack makes every drink personally, and the former molecular biologist pays meticulous attention to detail. If you’re a coffee connoisseur, this is the spot for you. Opt for an espresso or a super-smooth, shaken iced latte.

The Best Coffee Shops in Los Angeles, Mad Lab Coffee Roasters

Best Los Angeles Coffee Shop for Grab-and-Go Specialty Drinks: Mad Lab 

Location: Hollywood

Conveniently located right off Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, this outpost of Mad Lab is just a walk-up window, but it’s worth a stop. All the focus here is on quality coffee and excellent customer service. The Dolly Latte, made with a balanced blend of light and dark roasts, is a menu staple. Look out for fun seasonal concoctions like the orange-and-vanilla Dreamsicle Cappuccino, or a Root Beer Float Latte.

Best Los Angeles Coffee Shop for Casual Brunch: Copa Vida

Location: Pasadena

Copa Vida in Old Town Pasadena is the perfect place to spend a Sunday morning. Get there early to snag a spot, then choose from a variety of coffees and teas on tap or chat with one of the expert baristas to concoct your perfect beverage. Even with crowds, service is friendly and quick. Outlets and free Wi-Fi make it easy to plug your laptop in and segue from brunch to business, too.

Best Los Angeles Coffee Shop for Eclectic Specialty Drinks: Kumquat Coffee

Location: Highland Park

Kumquat offers an impressive variety of beans from around the world in a cute coffee shop just west of Pasadena. The best-selling, regionally-inspired drinks include the Tennessee—an iced latte with sorghum syrup and smoked salt—and the New England—a hot latte with vanilla bean-infused maple syrup. They’ve also got a big selection of fresh baked goods and breakfast burritos. There’s no indoor seating, but you can find a seat outside to enjoy your drinks and pastries.

The Best Coffee Shops in Los Angeles, Maru Coffee

Best Los Angeles Coffee Shop for Modern Espresso: Maru Coffee

Location: Downtown Los Angeles

Maru’s Downtown L.A. flagship location offers an aesthetically pleasing and extremely technical coffee experience. Set amid white walls and light-wash wood, Maru is a streamlined operation with a simple menu, but the specialty drinks here have a near-cult following. Try the Cream Top—an iced Americano adorned with a dollop of sweet cream—the cold brew spiced with pepper, or an espresso tonic.

Best Los Angeles Coffee Shop for Neighborhood Dining: Habitat Coffee Shop

Location: Glassell Park

A popular destination for breakfast and lunch near Glendale, Habitat Coffee Shop serves up great drinks and wide-ranging food options in one of the area’s best cafe settings. The menu here includes plenty of tasty vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free choices for those with dietary restrictions. Grab a table outside in the shade if you can, order a daily sandwich and espresso drink, and catch up on some reading.

These Los Angeles coffee shops are just the tip of the iceberg: if you love your cold brew, take a deep dive into West Hollywood’s nitro options while you’re in L.A., or head south for a day on the beach and check out some of San Diego’s best coffee shops. Next time you’re in the Sacramento area, pop into a few hometown-favorite caffeine stops, too.

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