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Podcast Episode 7: Discover Great Food, Wine, and Beaches

Podcast Episode 7: Discover Great Food, Wine, and Beaches

Eater LA's Farley Elliot, Food & Wine's Ray Isle, and author Ann Marie Brown share their insights with host Soterios Johnson

Posted 5 years agoby John Godfrey

According to the online media brand Eater; “the Golden State is hands down the best place to eat in America.” In this episode of the California Now Podcast, Eater LA Senior Editor Farley Elliott backs up this bold claim with a deep dive into the many culinary treasures California has to offer. Alongside host Soterios Johnson, Elliot shares where to find authentic ranch cuisine, why Highway 99 has some of the country’s best Mexican food, and which California town he’d choose for his last meal on earth.

Elliott also rattles off some remote restaurants that warrant a visit, including La Copine, Copper Top BBQ, and Los Toritos Taco Truck.

More than a few hidden gems are discovered in this episode: Travel writer Ann Marie Brown shares her knowledge of lesser-known beaches up and down the coast, with insights on where to find solitude, starfish, or something totally unexpected. Her favorites include Manchester Beach in Mendocino County, Sculptured Beach in Point Reyes National Seashore, and Beacon's Beach in Encinitas. 

After that, Food and Wine Executive Wine Editor Ray Isle discusses some of the emerging trends in Napa Valley, highlighting winemakers who go far beyond bold Cabernet Sauvignons and buttery Chardonnays. He encourages oenophiles to seek out different varietals and explore beyond the valley floor, calling out Dan Petroski's Massican Winery, Forlorn Hope Winery, and many others.

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