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Coffee Fanatics, Here's Why to Head to Oakland

Coffee Fanatics, Here's Why to Head to Oakland

Take a caffeine-fueled tour of this East Bay city, which was recently voted the third hottest U.S. destination for coffee

Posted 5 years agoby Jené Shaw

Oakland was recently voted the third hottest city for coffee fanatics by SmartAsset, behind only the well-known caffeine hubs of Portland and Seattle. With 17 roasters and more than 2,000 coffee shops, San Francisco’s trendy East Bay city has a rising caffeine scene worth checking out now.

Visit Oakland and the local coffee industry joined together to create the Oakland Coffee Rush, a collective of sorts that launches on International Coffee Day, Sept. 29. Their goal is to encourage visitors to experience the unique culture and quality coffee offerings in the area.

Start your morning with an optimistic outlook at Slojoy Coffee Roaster, where baristas write a friendly note on every cup and you can order a “Cup of Joy”—a free coffee for another customer. On Fridays, don’t miss the free hot pour-over or cold brew at Bicycle Coffee, a roaster with bike delivery. At the family-owned Café Santana Roasting Company, sample one of the Latino-themed drinks: a Horchata Latte, Mexican Mocha, or homemade Lavender Latte.

Want to take beans home? Grab a bag of sustainably-grown Oakland Coffee, founded by none other than the members of Green Day.

In addition to quality roasters, Oakland’s shops also offer learning opportunities. Check Red Bay Coffee’s event calendar for latte art classes, learn how to brew at Blue Bottle Coffee, or taste alongside the baristas at Highwire Coffee Roasters.

Find more cafés and espresso drinks to try on the Oakland Coffee Rush site.


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