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Behind the Scenes at the Jonny Moseley ATB! Video Shoot

Behind the Scenes at the Jonny Moseley ATB! Video Shoot

Three athletes, three terrains, three climates, one crazy race. Here's how it all went down up north. 

Posted 4 years ago

In this episode of Jonny Moseley's Wildest Dreams, host Jonny Moseley challenges pro cyclist Alison Tetrick and mountain bike pioneer Hans Rey to a three-stage race on three terrains: snow, dirt, and road. 

With record-level snowfall, Mount Shasta Ski Park in Siskiyou County provided the stunning backdrop for stage one: snow bikes. But at 8,500 feet, the fresh powder was far too deep to ride in. So the crew fired up a few snowcats and groomed a downhill route in the backcountry.

Of our three athletes, only one had ever ridden in snow, and it showed. The white stuff was flying and tumbles were plenty but the snow also offered nice, soft landings. So all completed the stage without too many bumps and bruises.

As we departed, blue skies and fluffy clouds gave way to heavy flurries. By the time we dropped down to Redding, full-on rain showers had moved in, drenching our routes—Trail 58 and Enticer—along with talent and crew. But we pedaled on through the mud and mess, for hours on end, managing to capture all kinds of incredible action.

Stage three saw our team on the open pavement in the lush rolling hills just southwest of Redding. After the torrential downpour in the mountain biking, we would’ve been happy with any kind of dry weather. But it turned out even better than we could’ve hoped; clouds parted and warm sun blanketed our route. As the daylight faded, with the checkered flags flapping the in breeze, Tetrick crossed the finish line first, followed by Rey, with Moseley bringing up the rear.

And with hugs and high fives all around, another episode of Jonny Moseley’s Wildest Dreams was “in the can."

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