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Behind the Scenes: Extreme Kayaking with Jonny Moseley

Behind the Scenes: Extreme Kayaking with Jonny Moseley

Posted 5 years agoby Jené Shaw

In his series “Jonny Moseley’s Wildest Dreams,” the Olympic gold medal skier chases thrill-seeking outdoor adventures in California, one video at a time. For his recent edition, “PADDLE! (with Rush Sturges),” Moseley heads to kayaking school Otter Bar Lodge in Forks of Salmon in Shasta Cascade—California’s most northeast corner. Pro whitewater kayaker Rush Sturges invited Moseley to his family’s lodge, where he gets a crash course in kayaking from Sturges and Junior Freestyle Champion Sage Donnelly.

If Moseley’s adventure looks appealing, good news—you can go to a week-long immersive kayaking camp at Otter Bar Lodge, where you’ll spend a full day on the river followed by a garden-to-table meal, massage, and hot tub time.

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