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Donner Memorial State Park in Nevada County, California
Ryan Salm

California Welcome Center - Truckee

California Welcome Center - Truckee vca_maps_highsierra
California Welcome Center - Truckee
Family fun, outdoor adventure

A charming mountain town with a rich history, Truckee is known as a welcoming, family oriented community that attracts adventurous people with a passion for the outdoors and the environment.

Truckee’s quaint downtown is the heart and soul of this community, with unique restaurants and shops set in authentic historic buildings.

Truckee is centrally located within minutes of six world-class ski resorts, epic golf courses, lakes, reservoirs, streams for water sports or fishing, hike and bike trails, mountain bike park and pump track, action sports camps and more!


Whether you are here in pursuit of adventure, to partake in Truckee’s “foodie” scene, enjoy the multitude of special events that take place all year or just relax and enjoy the blue skies and amazing smell of the pine trees, Truckee welcomes you.

Hours: Open seven days a week 9am - 5:30pm


California Welcome Center - Truckee Mammoth_CWC_1280x642_logo

California Welcome Centers in the High Sierra

California Welcome Center - Truckee vca_maps_highsierra
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As the gateway to California’s natural wonders located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the Welcome Centers in Truckee and Mammoth Lakes are great base camps and information hot spots for travellers. Stop in via car or train at the California Welcome Center Truckee, off of Interstate 80, for all your travel information needs while exploring the Tahoe region and beyond. The California Welcome Centerin Mammoth Lakes, located off Highway 395, provides the best possible information to travellers in the Eastern Sierra, in addition to issuing backcountry permits, leasing bear boxes and offering local and educational-based souvenirs for purchase.

California Welcome Center - Truckee MammothLakes_2_CWC_1280x642_logo

California Welcome Center - Mammoth Lakes

California Welcome Center - Truckee vca_maps_highsierra
California Welcome Center - Mammoth Lakes
Year-round fun, majestic beauty

Mammoth Lakes’ motto is, ‘Come as you are.  Do what you love.’  This applies to the surrounding area as well.  As the gateway to California’s natural wonders located in the Eastern Sierra, Mammoth Lakes is a great base camp and information hot spot for travellers. 

During the summer, the most popular reasons people visit the area is to take in the natural sightseeing, hike, participate in other outdoor sports like fishing and biking, and learn about mining history.  The Mammoth Lakes area also has a robust summer festival season.  During the winter, Mammoth Mountain is the main attraction in the area for skiing and snowboarding, along with other outdoor snow activities.

The California Welcome Center located in Mammoth Lakes is unique.  This Center is a collaboration of multiple agencies to provide the best possible information to travellers. These partners include: US Forest Service, National Park Service, Mammoth Lakes Tourism and Eastern Sierra Interpretive Center.  In addition to information and referrals, this center also issues backcountry permits, sells local and educational-based souvenirs and leases bear boxes.

Access is easy. Take the scenic and not so curvy US 395 or fly! The Mammoth Yosemite Airport is only 10 minutes from Mammoth Lakes. Flights are available year-round on Alaska Airlines, and during the winter on United Airlines. 

Opening hours: daily 8 AM - 5 PM



(760) 924-5500
2510 Highway 203br
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546