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The Simpsons Ride

Join Homer and Bart on a wild ride to Krustyland

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Step into Universal Studios Hollywood’s crayon-bright recreation of the cartoon town of Springfield to feel as if you’ve stepped through your TV into the long-running series, The Simpsons.

This section of Universal Studios Hollywood invites you to visit many of Homer’s regular hangouts—which also make up a good portion of the theme park’s dining options. Stop by Moe’s Tavern, Lard Lad Donuts, or Duff Brewery Beer Garden, all under the shadow of show-inspired landmarks, such Stu’s Disco, where the marquee reads, “Closed until disco comes back.” Other familiar Springfield eateries come to life here too, so you can get a “Genuine Clown-Endorsed Meal” at Krusty Burger or order a cheesy pie at Luigi’s Pizza, all while Homer’s workplace, Mr. Burns’ Nuclear Power Plant, lets loose with a (whoops, did someone push the wrong button?) make-believe meltdown.

Don’t miss The Simpsons Ride, a simulator ride that celebrates the bizarre animated world of Homer, Bart, Lisa, and the motley characters from the show. Technically, the Simpsons scenes are just projected around you while your car lifts and tilts, but the feeling is all real—as if you are zooming through a psycho animated universe. You start in a carnival midway, then rocket through Krustyland, the fantasy amusement park created by creepy-cranky Krusty the Clown. With the show’s real actors voicing the characters and offering plenty of subversive humor, the ride effectively captures the unique essence of the show—so if you’re a fan, it’s a must-ride experience.

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