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Mount Hermon

Mount Hermon

Thrills and more in the Coast Redwoods

When it comes to thrills, turns out rides at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk aren’t the only option in the region. Nearby Mount Hermon lets you “fly” through coast redwoods on a soaring zipline, suspending you some 150 feet/46 meters above the forest floor. And it’s not just about ziplining here; this forest adventure includes the zipping as part of a spectacular, two-hour canopy tour, with an informative guide helping you navigate two thrilling sky bridges as you learn about the coast redwoods and their unique ecosystem.

Mount Hermon bumps up the excitement even more with an Adventure Course featuring 14 activities ranging from clambering up cargo nets to traversing swinging logs and sky bridges.These courses are suitable for anyone at least 57 inches/23 centimeters tall and weighing between 75 and 250 pounds/34 and 113 kilograms (ages 10 and up). Groups of smaller kids (ages 6 to 11) can get in on the forest fun at Mount Hermon’s pint-size adventure course, with ropes, mini-zip-lines, and platforms. And pretty trails around the property are open to all, with a creek for splashing and ferns, wildflowers, and flittering birds.

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