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LEGO Movie World

LEGO Movie World

Ride a flying couch and build to your heart’s content in this expansive area based on the movie series

In The LEGO Movie, the earworm song “Everything Is Awesome” seems to permeate the streets of the town of Bricksburg. You’ll feel that same sense of cheeky fun while exploring LEGO Movie World, an area of LEGOLAND California that’s based on the movie series. With its selection of rides, eateries, and hands-on activities, this two-acre zone at the Carlsbad park celebrates the movies’ message of free-form creativity too.

If you’ve seen The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, you’ll immediately recognize some landmarks and characters—such as the apartment building of main character Emmet—but you don’t really need to know the backstories to enjoy the experience. The area’s centerpiece is Emmet’s Flying Adventure Ride, a thrilling riff on the flying double-decker couch featured in The LEGO Movie. The indoor ride has you seated on one row of a long “couch” and surrounded by a full-dome virtual screen. You’ll feel like you’re soaring over colorful “lands” from the films, such as Middle Zealand, Cloud Cuckoo Land, and the Systar System. The ride even includes occasional scents (like the pine trees of Middle Zealand) and gentle sprays of mist.

The two other rides in the area are Unikitty’s Disco Drop, where riders pop up, spin, and float down a tower topped by Unikitty, the feisty feline cohort of Emmet who lives in Cloud Cuckoo Land, and Queen Watevra’s Carousel—a classic ride with 60 horses, and a tribute to the monarch of the Systar System (and LEGO Batman’s leading lady). But kids can also go old-school by climbing on the Benny’s Spaceship play structure with ladders and a big slide. Enjoy meet-and-greets with characters such as Wyldstyle in Emmet’s Super Suite, then stop for a bite at the area’s distinctive dining options: the Everything is Ramen noodle shop, Cloud Cuckoo Crepes, and Benny’s Rocket Fuel, which features popcorn and slushies.

Save plenty of time for the Build Watevra You Wa'Na Build zone, where individualized bins of LEGOS await. Both kids and grownups can experiment with the plastic bricks on their own terms—no kits, models, or instructions necessary.