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Avengers Campus

Avengers Campus

Marvel superheroes strut their stuff—and sometimes recruit help—in this land within Disney California Adventure Park

Join a team-building exercise of epic proportions at Avengers Campus, the six-acre section of Disney California Adventure Park that brings together an all-star lineup of Marvel superheroes for rides, spectacles, and creative cuisine.

Anchored by a gleaming building and the Avengers’ Quinjet, the campus is meant to evoke the headquarters, labs, and training grounds for the superheroes of Marvel Comics and the movies that sprang from them.

Even if you’re not a Marvel expert yourself, you’ll certainly recognize some of the characters who appear on campus—such as Black Widow, Captain Marvel, and Iron Man, sometimes interacting with each other. Throughout the day, you could see Black Panther and General Okoye, flanked by members of Wakanda’s elite guards, perform a drill for the crowd. Step into the Ancient Sanctum, where Tony Stark’s friend Doctor Strange demonstrates his skills in the mystic arts. (A good time to go: after dark, when the place glows.)

The big showstoppers, though, are the regular appearances by Spider-Man. Watch as he does flips atop the Stark Motors Building, and then—in a double-take-triggering, seamless transition—his animatronic stunt-double does eye-popping aerial moves 65 feet above the ground.

After watching Spidey, head to WEB Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure, an interactive ride where you cast your own virtual webs to combat Spider-Bots (join the virtual queue using the Disneyland Mobile App). You earn points for your web-casting skills—a nice upper-body workout—and the more you ride, the better chance you have of earning a spot on the ride’s daily Leader Board. Next, embrace the retro music and freefall thrills of the drop ride Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission BREAKOUT. (A third Avengers Campus ride will debut at a later date, inside the headquarters building.)

The campus’s dining options offer a unique brand of fun. The menu at Pym Test Kitchen reflects the super-sized and miniaturized creations of Ant Man and The Wasp: Think giant (or tiny) soft pretzels, a huge chicken filet sandwich with an extra-petite bun, or the family-friendly Pym-ini sandwich with salami, provolone, and focaccia, sized to feed up to eight people. Next door, try the adult beverages—such as the Particle Fizz with hard seltzer and cherry boba—at Pym Tasting Lab. Nearby, the Shawarma Palace cart—based on a restaurant the superheroes enjoyed in The Avengers—offers wrap sandwiches like a vegetarian Impossible Victory Falafel. For a snack, don’t miss Terran Treats, with its spiral-shaped churros and Cosmic Cream Orb cream puffs.

For gear, browse WEB Suppliers for Marvel-themed pins and lanyards, as well as remote-controlled Spider-Bots, illuminated goggles, or web shooters that strap to your wrist. Pro tip: Take those web shooters back onto the WEB Slingers ride and you’ll likely boost your score.

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