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10 Amazing Burritos in San Francisco

10 Amazing Burritos in San Francisco

San Francisco is home to some of the best burritos in the country, including countless taquerias that serve up the city's famous Mission-style burritos. Hungry? Consider these 10 spots

San Francisco burritos are the stuff of late-night bar arguments. Everyone’s got a favorite, everyone’s got one they swear no one else knows about, and everyone wins, because there are so many good burritos you can’t really go wrong. While San Francisco may be most known for its Mission-style burritos (more on that in second), the city delivers up a range of other styles and tastes as well.

What makes a good burrito? It’s all about the flavor, ingredients, and balance of fillings. Since San Francisco burritos can be huge, it’s key to have a good distribution throughout; you don’t want to end up with just sour cream at the bottom.

What is a San Francisco Mission-style burrito?

Known for its size and named for the Mission District neighborhood where it was originally created, many of the best San Francisco burritos are Mission-style burritos. They typically start with a large flour tortilla steamed so it’s hot and flexible. An assembly line then fills and folds the burrito full of beans (pinto, fried, or black), meat (carnitas, carne asada, or pollo), salsa, and rice. Choosing to make it “super” typically adds heavy doses of guacamole, cheese, and sour cream. Unlike wet burritos, Mission burritos are almost always wrapped up in foil and held in your hand to eat—a convenience that stemmed from its origin as a portable and filling lunch for local workers.

If this all sounds familiar, it’s because, yes, the style has proliferated nationwide. But Northern California still remains the home of the traditional classic and is where some of the best and most creative takes on the burrito can still be found. Some of the top San Francisco burritos can still be found in their original home, the densely packed Mission District. Start your San Francisco burrito feast with these 10 picks.

Best Burritos in San Francisco, California

La Taqueria

Location: Mission District
Try This: Super carnitas dorado

Why It Makes the Best Burritos in San Francisco List

Known by San Franciscans as “La Taq,” this longstanding Mission District spot may be the most famous taqueria in the country. The small taqueria got a James Beard mention and beat out other local favorites to win the much-ballyhooed national title from FiveThirtyEight’s controversial “burrito bracket.” This is a classic Mission-style burrito, prepared with sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo, beans, cheese, and all the right sauces added to a big flour tortilla. La Taqueria’s signature is to make burritos without rice, double up on the juicy meat, and then throw it fully on the griddle (dorado style, when you order) until the whole thing is golden brown. Expect a line and add a side of housemade chips and fresh salsa.

Taqueria El Farolito

Location: Mission District, Excelsior, and North Beach
Try This: Super al pastor

Why It Makes the Best Burritos in San Francisco List

The other longtime late-night favorite in the Mission District, El Farolito has since expanded to 12 locations around the Bay Area, from San Jose to Rohnert Park. While the El Farolito staples are always reliable, each spot has a slightly different feel and flavor to it. The huge, soft, warm tortillas are filled with flavorful meat and just the right distribution of sour cream, guac, cheese, rice, slightly spicy salsa, and beans. If you’re not in the mood for a burrito, the giant messy quesadilla suiza is also popular. There’s a reason this cash-only spot is known for its 2 a.m. meals.

Taqueria Guadalajara

Location: Mission District, Excelsior
Try This: Super carne asada dorado

Why It Makes the Best Burritos in San Francisco List

There are those who will tell you that even though La Taq and two El Farolito locations are just down the block, the original Guadalajara on 24th is the quiet-secret best burrito of the bunch. Even in a city where large burritos are the standard, Guadalajara is known for serving one of the absolute biggest. Burritos are grilled dorado-style by default, unless you request otherwise, and the super comes with slices of avocado. But it’s really about the hunks of well-seasoned meat. They’ve also got a large salsa bar, but be warned: some options can be very spicy.

Taqueria Cancún

Location: Mission District
Try This: Super carne asada

Why It Makes the Best Burritos in San Francisco List

Another one of the famous Mission District taquerias, Cancún is a little more low-key than its popular neighbors, but its dedicated following propelled it past more well-known burritos in the infamous “burrito bracket.” It’s known as one of the best places for carne asada and al pastor, loaded with lots of rice (seasoned with cumin) in a flaky tortilla. The super comes with slices of avocado. And, in something of a rarity, Cancún also has a following for its chicken burrito and a loaded veggie option.

Taqueria El Castillito

Location: Duboce Triangle
Try This: Zapata burrito

Why It Makes the Best Burritos in San Francisco List

Not every popular San Francisco burrito has to come with a long line of people. El Castillito, tucked away on Church Street, manages to serve up massive stuffed burritos without the wait. Along with your standard tasty regular burrito and super burrito, they have shrimp and veggie and the specialty Zapata, filled with chicken, beans, guac, sour cream, and just the right amount of rice, cilantro, tomatoes, onions, and shredded lettuce.

Gordo Taqueria

Location: Central Richmond, Inner Sunset
Try This: Super chili verde

Why It Makes the Best Burritos in San Francisco List

Gordo’s, as it’s referred to, might not be the most famous or flashiest burrito in San Francisco, but it has an ardent local following for its comfort food consistency in neighborhoods that once were burrito deserts. Originally started on Clement, there are now five locations (three in San Francisco). Try the chili verde burrito, with meat made in a stew of tomatillos and green chili peppers before being rolled into either a flour or spinach tortilla. The salsa is on the milder side and the sour cream can be heavy, but that’s what comfort burritos are for.

Al Pastor Papi

Location: Mission Bay
Try This: Vegan al pastor

Why It Makes the Best Burritos in San Francisco List

Previously a roving food truck, Al Pastor Papi took up permanent residence in the summer of 2022 at SPARK Social, a food truck park in Mission Bay. While this is some of the best al pastor in San Francisco, they also do the rare vegan burrito that isn’t just beans, rice, and salsa. (They vary the ingredients, but in the past they’ve used surprising fillings like jackfruit.) You can order burritos “Tijuana style,” which comes with just meat, cheese, sour cream, guac, and their slightly spicy homemade salsa (no rice or beans). Now that they’re in one stationary home, they also plan to expand their occasional specials, like the Dungeness crab burritos and the Ode to Benihana burrito (lobster, filet mignon, chicken garlic butter fried rice, and chipotle ginger sauce).

Señor Sisig

Location: Mission District, Ferry Building
Try This: California sisig burrito

Why It Makes the Best Burritos in San Francisco List

Started as a food truck, Señor Sisig now has three locations: one in Oakland, one in the Mission District, and one at the Ferry Building in San Francisco. (Plus, they still run four popular food trucks.) With the goal of creating high-quality Filipino street food, the perfected sisig recipe—a spicy marinated pork with onions and peppers, which has also been adapted to chicken and tofu. They take it and roll it up into burritos, tacos, and on top of nachos. There’s even a California sisig burrito with pico de gallo and french fries. For something different, try the tosilog (sweet pork, adobe garlic rice, fresh tomatoes, and fried eggs) or you can make anything on the menu vegan.

Best Burritos in San Francisco, California


Location: SOMA
Try This: Bulgogi beef kimchi burrito

Why It Makes the Best Burritos in San Francisco List

Originally started as HRD Coffee Shop back in the 1950s, it expanded into Mexican-Korean-Vietnamese fusion foods after chef David Yeung took over in 2009 and was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Now part of a global fusion brand, HRD still delivers its signature Korean burritos. They’re sweet and savory, made with kimchee, pickled vegetables, and grilled beef bulgogi, chicken, or tofu. You can also order one of the rare wet burritos in San Francisco, with wild cod or eggplant (in addition to more standard options).

Breakfast Little

Location: Mission District
Try This: Tia Maria burrito

Why It Makes the Best Burritos in San Francisco List

Opened in 2019, this San Francisco breakfast burrito spot survived the pandemic thanks to its takeout window. Now a colorful little restaurant, Breakfast Little delivers light, non-greasy, grilled breakfast burrito classics like egg and bacon, with a dash of habanero served with signature tater tots. Try the Tia Maria, a burrito version of a Salvadorian breakfast (scrambled eggs, black beans, plátanos, queso fresco, salsa, crema, and tater tots). If you’re not in the mood for a burrito, they also offer up delicious chili avocado toast, breakfast sandwiches, and a spin on French toast.


Like we said: You can’t go wrong with San Francisco burritos. There are countless taquerias (mostly cash only) tucked into corners of the city. The only challenge is trying them all. Pace yourself and check out the other things to do in San Francisco in between your meals.