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Travelers Share Their Love of California

Travelers Share Their Love of California

We asked tourists to explain why they love visiting the Golden State—here's what they told us

Posted 5 years ago

We are always heartened to hear from visitors who are passionate about traveling to California, and any time we ask folks to share their #CALove they are eager to respond. Below we have gathered some comments from people who just can't wait to get back to the state.

“I've been going since I was five," explains @Yaperez7900, who lists Yosemite, San Jose, Fresno, San Francisco, Monterey, and San Diego as her favorite spots. "The scenery is breathtaking—you have the mountains, sequoias, and the ocean. I feel at peace when I'm flying in. I feel like I'm home, like I belong. No matter how many times I've been it's always like my first trip there, there's so much to see and never enough time.”

Mr. @josephbarbagallo shares a similar brand of passion: “California has always had a special place in this East Coaster’s heart," he says. "I am in the luxury automotive business and the premier luxury auto event is the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. My first time there was a culmination of some of my biggest loves: cars and California. I loved the town of Carmel-by-the-Sea so much that I took my wife @christenlauren there to celebrate our two-year wedding anniversary.

"We stayed at Carmel Valley Ranch and had one of the most memorable and special trips of our lives. We literally think about it everyday. What a magical place. What a special state."

While Joseph is drawn to some of California's luxury offerings, Facebook commenter Jennifer Palm prefers exploring the great outdoors.

"Shasta Cascade is an adventure lover's paradise," she tells us. "It's rich in beauty and endless in variety. It has something for everyone: gorgeous waterfalls, massive lakes, some of the best fishing, hiking, camping or boating you can find anywhere. Where else can one climb a snow covered mountain, hike through sulfur pits, pan for gold, kayak peacefully on a lake, take a boat down a river and fish, or just sit and relax and watch an amazing sunset!"

A big part of the joy, she says, is the feeling she gets when surrounded by the epic scale of the state. "I love the lakes, swimming (Shasta and Whiskeytown were my go-tos as a teen), and the mountains," she continues. "I first learned to pan for gold in Big Bar in the Trinity National Forest. Nothing beats your first visit to the redwoods either. [There is] something life-changing about being around something that makes you feel so insignificant."

We think @kl.ov sums up the Golden State perfectly: “The fusion of cultures in California is impressive and amazing. You don’t need to travel to meet the world, just come to California and you will experience everything you need."

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