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This Vodka Is Made from Actual San Francisco Fog

This Vodka Is Made from Actual San Francisco Fog

This Vodka Is Made from Actual San Francisco Fog

Posted 5 years agoby Jené Shaw

What would San Francisco fog taste like?

That's one question Hangar 1 head distiller Caley Shoemaker wanted to answer when she set out to create Fog Point Vodka, a limited edition spirit that uses actual San Francisco fog in every bottle. Shoemaker and her team installed custom fog catchers around the Bay Area to turn the fog into fresh water, which they then blend with vodka made from Napa Valley's Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc and Viognier. The result is a crisp and gluten-free sipping vodka with "elegant hints of pear, citrus, and honeysuckle," according to Hangar 1.

The company is focused on sustainability and incorporating fresh (and surprising) ingredients into its spirits—Shoemaker often visits farmers' markets for inspiration, specifically the Ferry Building Farmers' Market—and Fog Point married two of her passions. Bonus: Profits from sales of the specialty vodka contribute to water conservancy in California.

You can visit the stunning distillery in Alameda, reachable via the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge or by ferry. Take a tour to go behind the scenes of the bottling process and learn about how the Hangar 1 team uses its own garden in its products. For $45, do the Fog Point Tasting Flight, which includes two variations of the fog vodka as well as a new vodka blended with California Rosé. You’ll also learn about the inspiration behind the Fog Point project and do a comparative water tasting (spring vs. fog), accompanied by a platter of nuts, cheeses, and fruits from Farmstead Cheeses and Wines.

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