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Road Trip Highlights with Influencer Erik Conover

Road Trip Highlights with Influencer Erik Conover

The filmmaker shares the best stops from his two-week road trip around beautiful California destinations

Posted 4 years agoby Jené Shaw

Filmmaker and influencer Erik Conover captures his global travels on his YouTube channel and Instagram account. He recently took a two-week road trip through California, stopping in Joshua Tree, Big Sur, and more. Conover shares highlights from his adventure below. Be sure to check out his YouTube videos, which include some amazing views from his Mighway RV rental. Conover shares highlights from his adventure below.

What was the best part of your trip to California?

“The top highlight of my California road trip was hands down the drive through Big Sur! We stopped at too many points to count. The sheer magnitude of the coastline, the unique individuality of each stop, and the calming presence made it impossible not to stop! It's so serene and peaceful, and each point offers a renewed reward.”

Which destination or attraction surprised you the most, and why?

Joshua Tree surprised me the most, I haven't spent much time in the desert before. It was incredible to see the full range of extreme diversity that California has to offer. We went to one of the large rock formations at sunrise, and were stunned at how geographically epic the formations are. Seeing the age and size of the rocks, climbing to the peaks and hearing the silence, it's something I recommend everyone experiences.”


Which one picture or social media post best sums up road tripping in California?

“This was one of the last stops we took along the drive, and it just felt right to capture the final moments of the Big Sur stretch. The open sky, the blue water, the beauty of the nature—it IS California!”


What was the best thing you tasted along the way?

“Breakfast burrito in Pismo Beach! Pismo is one of those towns that has its own “vibe”—and you feel it wherever you are. Steps from the beach, the relaxed and welcoming attitude and atmosphere of everyone was just so cozy and charming.”



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