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Mario Lopez Is Extremely Proud to Represent California

Mario Lopez Is Extremely Proud to Represent California

The TV host and actor adorns the cover of the California Visitor's Guide—and has plenty of travel recommendations for you

Posted 5 years agoby John Godfrey

Mario Lopez—TV host, actor, podcaster, YouTuber, author, family man, fitness expert—doesn't lack for energy or enthusiasm. But if you want to see the Chula Vista native pump up the passion to an altogether different level, ask him what he loves about the Golden State.

"I am the No. 1 fan of California," Lopez revealed. "I feel this amazing state has everything you could ever want: it’s multicultural with awesome people and beautiful beaches. You can go skiing, to the mountains, to the desert—and of course it has the absolute best climate in the world."

When we asked him to appear on the cover the 2018 California Visitor's Guide and sit for an interview, he did not hesitate. He even invited us over for a photo shoot that eventually morphed into a pool party with his two young children.  

Between Instagram and Twitter, Lopez has more than 2.5 million people following his every move—and it's easy to see why. He rubs elbows with other luminaries as host of the daily celebrity entertainment show Extra, which is filmed at Universal Studios Hollywood. He's instantly recognizable and yet incredibly modest and approachable.

Or, as he playfully puts it: "I'm just a Mexican from Chula Vista! I'm very blessed and fortunate to be doing what I'm doing."

Lopez has all sorts of advice to offer prospective California visitors—from wine country to ski resorts to family getaways—and you can get the inside scoop by ordering a free copy of the 200-page travel-planning guide

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