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Kristen Bell Embodies the California Spirit

Kristen Bell Embodies the California Spirit

Posted 6 years ago

Baby, it's cold outside. But every time actress Kristen Bell posts something on Instagram it warms our hearts—including this recent gem about her co-stars on the 2013 Disney blockbuster Frozen

We were delighted when the Michigan native and devoted Los Angeleno agreed to take the California Questionnaire, a prefab interview that encourages celebrities to open up about their love for the Golden State. She started out by praising her adopted hometown.

"I originally came to Los Angeles for work, but I stayed for the lifestyle," she said. "Every day, everywhere I look, I see acts of openness, and a plethora of diversity. The people here consistently reaffirm my belief in the human spirit. I’m very proud to call L.A. home."

Asked to imagine the ultimate day in the Golden State, Bell did not disappoint.

"My perfect L.A. day would start by sleeping in (because on my dream day, my kids let me sleep past 6:30 a.m.) and waking up to the sunshine. Then, gathering the family, walking to Griffith Park and grabbing breakfast at the adorable and delicious café, Trails, that sits at the bottom of the mountain. After Trails, walking home, letting the kids play, while I dig around in my garden. After everyone feels adequately relaxed, we hop on our bikes and take a family bike ride along the L.A. River as the sun sets on us. After we get home, we have a family dance party while making dinner for the kids and singing them to sleep. Once the kids are tucked in, my husband and I get ready and head to dinner at our favorite spot, Eveleigh. The food is incredible and it’s a perfect date-night spot. It’s on Sunset Blvd, in the heart of L.A., and you can see the city twinkling all around you. After dinner, we come home, snuggle on the couch and throw on the latest episode of Dateline. And that’s that… perfection."

To find out more, read the rest of her California Questionnaire

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