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Jonny Moseley Headlines Episode 10 of California Now Podcast

Jonny Moseley Headlines Episode 10 of California Now Podcast

The Olympic gold medalist shares insights on his 'Wildest Dreams' — including some vertigo-inducing nightmares

Posted 5 years agoby John Godfrey

Jonny Moseley is afraid of heights, which is slightly curious when you consider that he is a pioneering freestyle skier who had to soar through the air to lock down his 1998 Olympic gold medal. Of course, bouncing off a mogul and performing some aerial stunts is one thing; clinging to the side of a rock face far above terra firm is quite another. 

Watching Moseley face his fears—and ultimately rise above them—is one key to the success of "Jonny Moseley's Wildest Dreams," an online video series that showcases the Golden State's outdoor adventure landscape. California Now Podcast Host Soterios Johnson spoke to Moseley about the making of the show and discovered how it does double duty: It's a diverting piece of entertainment but it also helps potential visitors build out their itineraries. The always-engaging Moseley raves about two destinations in particular: Siskiyou County and Catalina Island

Also in this episode, Mission San Juan Capistrano Executive Director Mechelle Lawrence Adams takes us on a jam-packed tour around Orange County that includes her favorite spots for shopping, margaritas, tacos, and more. The episode closes on a fun conversation with Tasia Duske, CEO of a tour company called Museum Hack that brings tons of energy, and a healthy dose of irreverence, to two of California’s best museums.

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