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See the World’s Tallest LEGO Christmas Tree

See the World’s Tallest LEGO Christmas Tree

Posted 5 years agoby Katrina Hunt

Before you complain about untangling all of your tree lights each year, consider this: LEGOLAND California just put up its Christmas tree, and it stretches 30 feet high—and is made up of 245,000 DUPLO bricks (which are slightly bigger than the traditional little bricks). 

Clearly, the mother ship for LEGO fans has boosted its holiday game this year. Kids who get shy with Santa probably won’t mind sitting with the LEGO version of the St. Nick along with his LEGO reindeer, and little ones will dig the live holiday show in Heartlake City, or the elfin LEGO singers “The Yule Tides” in Fun Town.

The San Diego County theme park has always aimed high when it comes to its cuisine—and this holiday menu offers more proof. Come on Saturdays Dec. 9 and 16 for the Winter Holiday Market in Fun Town, a German-inspired lineup of goodies like grilled sausages, giant Bavarian pretzels, hot cocoa, and even spiced wine for parents. On any day, be sure to try the turkey-cranberry-and-stuffing sandwiches, churros con chocolate, and peppermint shakes.

LEGOLAND California’s holiday season lasts from Nov. 18 until January 1—culminating on Kids New Year Eve, when the Time-Square-style “brick” drops at a respectable 6 p.m. on Dec. 31.

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