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A Glamping Guide to California

A Glamping Guide to California

Ever wanted to spend the night in a vineyard or a treehouse? It may be time to go glamping in the Golden State

Posted 4 years agoby Matt Jaffe

Glamor and camping might seem like an unlikely mash-up. But take it from Ruben Martinez, co-founder of Glamping Hub—this comfortable, even luxurious, alternative to traditional camping is really the “best of both worlds.”

As Martinez explains in the latest episode of the California Now Podcast, “Glamping is everything that you really like about camping and none of the things that you don’t actually like about camping.”

With more than 23,000 listings on Glamping Hub, California may just be the world’s glamping capital. And the popularity of this type of travel continues to grow, both with millennials as well as baby boomers who want to connect with nature (minus the roughing it in a sleeping bag on the ground). If you’re thinking about a Golden State glamping getaway, Martinez offers both a $50 coupon code for first-timers and these key insights.

Build a budget

Glamping prices vary widely, depending on type and location of the glamping stay, as well as the experiences that it delivers. Martinez explains that certain plush properties offer the services of a chef and even helicopter rides to reach the site. But he adds that you certainly don’t have to spend your children’s college fund to go glamping. “We do have accommodations that are $40 a night all the way up to $40,000 a night, if you wanted, and then everything in between,” says Martinez.

Explore where to go

With choices from the coast (there are lots of Airstreams in Malibu) to the desert and from the wine country to the high country, glamping in California is as diverse as the Golden State itself. Martinez mentions Joshua Tree and Big Bear Lake as among Southern California’s most popular glamping destinations, while to the north, he adds, “Lake Tahoe is one of our heavy traffic areas for the obvious reason that it’s a beautiful, beautiful area.”

Consider the accommodations

Martinez says that glampinghub.com includes a big variety of accommodations: yurts, beach casitas, and even treehouses and tipis. But safari tents remain one of the most popular choices. Tall enough to stand up in comfortably and typically with restrooms and showers, safari tents let you enjoy the conveniences of more permanent structures. Because of their portability, however, you'll find them in more secluded and natural areas.

One tent near Warner Springs outside San Diego has a hot tub and a beautiful deck that takes in miles of beautiful terrain. Martinez says it really promotes the attitude that “I’m going to hang out here, and drink my glass of mine, and look at the scenery, and nothing else could bother me in the world.”

Plan activities

Love wine? Martinez says there are glamping destinations in the Sonoma Valley where you get to stay right in the middle of a vineyard. Other spots let you go fly-fishing, river rafting, and horseback riding. So glamping is about much more than a place to sleep. “We have quite a few people who are leaving the busy city and trying to disconnect to reconnect,” says Martinez. “They do want to experience this very unique structure, but they also want to enjoy a very unique experience.”

To hear more of Martinez’s insights, including information about discounts for first-time users of Glamping Hub, listen to the latest episode of the California Now Podcast.

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