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Get California Fit—Without Leaving Your Living Room

Get California Fit—Without Leaving Your Living Room

Online classes from top trainers and cutting-edge studios make it easy to channel the healthy California lifestyle

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Posted 3 years agoby Jessica Sebor

From luxury spas to detox retreats, California is home to some of the best wellness experiences in the world. But with stay-at-home recommendations in effect as a result of COVID-19, you may be craving a Golden State–style fitness fix from the comfort of your living room. Thankfully, all you need is your smartphone or computer to get access to California’s top trainers—many have switched to online streaming so you can still reap the immunity-boosting, cortisol-lowering benefits of exercise in your own home gym.

Ashley Borden, a CPT master trainer based in Los Angeles, has trained A-list clients like Ryan Gosling and Reese Witherspoon, and her at-home AbFitApp programs (ranging from $39–$99) have helped thousands reach their fitness goals. “There are so many reasons why exercise is so vital and beneficial right now,” Borden says, citing a much-needed endorphin boost, releasing pent-up energy, and improving mental clarity. “Being strong in your mind and your body is crucial.”

Borden offers a few key tips for working out at home. First, if you are new to exercise or coming back after a long hiatus, she says to start slowly with functional, bodyweight exercises like lunges and squats to avoid the risk of injury. In order to stay accountable, Borden suggests writing out your daily schedule and sticking to it: “Don’t treat this like a vacation,” she cautions. Instead, set a phone alarm, text a friend to do a virtual sweat-session on Zoom together, or sign up for a livestream fitness class.

If you’re craving some equipment, look around your house. Heavy books and wine bottles can double as weights, while a beach towel on carpet functions well as a yoga mat. Borden even recommends getting creative with your kids. Hold your toddler while you squat or have your little one roll under you during a plank. “Kids love to be involved,” says Borden. Older children can time you or try the bodyweight movements themselves.

In addition to Borden’s at-home plans, there are studios all across California that have temporarily moved their offerings online. No matter what sort of workout you’re looking for, there’s a streaming option available. Check out these classes to get inspired and stay healthy during this time.


Catch a virtual wave

Learn how to surf—no ocean required: San Diego‘s famous Surf Diva School has training videos that you can do at home. You’ll learn to “pop up” on your living room floor as you work on the strength and balance you’ll need for when you hit the open water.

Find your flow

One of the top yoga studios in Dana Point is offering virtual classes every day at 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. PST. Head to iHeartYoga online to find classes like relaxing Vinyasa flow and challenging kickboxing-barre. The Yoga Standard in San Luis Obispo is also offering complimentary live classes, including flow, sculpt, and cardio dance. 

Dance it out

Everybody Los Angeles offers a variety of Zoom classes for a $5 drop-in fee (free for members), including options like Night Pony, a high-energy evening 90-minute dance class. The inclusive, all-are-welcome gym also host sessions like Bareless Barre and body-weight focused Animal Flow. Follow @everybodylosangeles on Instagram for the latest class offerings. Also check Discover Los Angeles' website for more online classes.


Settle your mind

Recharging your mind is as important as moving your body. That’s why the Monterey Bay Aquarium is offering daily 10-minute guided meditations, accompanied by soothing music and footage of mesmerizing sea life. Find the “MeditOcean” sessions on the aquarium’s YouTube page.

Sweat, minus the impact

If you have sensitive joints—or your downstairs neighbor doesn’t appreciate your jump-squat routine—try a streaming workout from LIT Method. This trendy West Hollywood studio brings its signature low-impact, highly effective workout from the studio to your home.


Get in the groove

The San Francisco Bay Area boutique fitness favorite Uforia Studios is streaming daily dance classes, perfect for shaking off stress, learning new moves, and working up a sweat without even noticing.

Go all out

Tahoe Fit, located in Tahoe City, keeps the ski crowd in slope-ready shape. Right now, anyone can test themselves with challenging live bootcamp classes, sure to get your endorphins surging.

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