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Explore Some of California's Most Wondrous Sites

Explore Some of California's Most Wondrous Sites

Atlas Obscurer co-founder Dylan Thuras shares some family-friendly favorites on the California Now Podcast 

Posted 5 years agoby John Godfrey

Join host Soterios Johnson as he embarks on an off-beat journey around the Golden State. Atlas Obscura’s Dylan Thuras acts as tour guide in our first segment, highlighting some strange sites that are perfect for families or anyone young at heart. Together, they explore a crystal cave in the middle of a swap meet, a museum dedicated to Bigfoot, and a beach covered in multicolored sea glass.

"It's funny," Thuras says during the show, "we talk about inspiring that sense of wonder and curiosity in people. Kids have that naturally. It's just part of who they are. I remember when I was that age, a 10-year old, going to the library and poring over books about hidden temples and abandoned castles. I just wanted to make a book that a kid could open to any page and just find a little bit of the world's wonder."

Next up, writer and architecture expert Sam Lubell shares his picks for the most impressive contemporary California structures built in the last decade. Sustainable spaces and tech-powered construction are just part of the fun: "California is certainly one of the strongest economies in the country right now," he notes, and "they're building like crazy. There's a lot of stuff happening, and there are some really, really talented architects to pull it off."

We end our journey with an insider’s guide to San Francisco's East Bay. Travel + Leisure Executive Editor Jesse Ashlock reveals some of his favorite spots in the trendy towns of Oakland and Berkeley. Get a feel for the authentic East Bay through delicious brunch spots, epic hikes, eclectic shopping, and more.

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