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Road Trip: Architecture Tour

Road Trip: Architecture Tour

Visit some of the most influential and iconic buildings in Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and San Diego
Posted 5 years agoby Jessica Sebor

From sleek midcentury modern design to ornate Spanish Colonial Revival style, Southern California has birthed some of the most influential movements of the 20th century. Whether you’re an armchair architect or simply a lover of beautiful things, you’ll enjoy this structure-centered road trip. We’ll start with ambitious landmarks that define Los Angeles, then work our way east to the pastel paradise of Palm Springs before ending with a mix of iconic art and rich history in sunny San Diego.

Stop one: The Getty Center

Start your trip with a tram ride up to this pearly white campus on a hill. High atop West Los Angeles, this modernist masterpiece, which opened to the public in 1997, is marked by travertine buildings and pristine gardens. Distance to next stop: 18 miles

Stop two: Walt Disney Concert Hall

In Downtown Los Angeles, this sweeping stainless steel structure is a must-see. Inspired by his love of sailing, Frank Gehry designed the hall with a whimsical, wind-whipped feel. Next stop: 56 miles


Stop three: Mission Inn Hotel & Spa


Drive east on I-10 to Riverside to find the marvel Will Rogers once dubbed “the most unique hotel in America.” Look for the me