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Adam Levine Shows His California Love at Super Bowl

Adam Levine Shows His California Love at Super Bowl

The New England Patriots defeated the L.A. Rams but Maroon 5's frontman gave California some serious time in the spotlight

Posted 5 years agoby John Godfrey

The game itself was a bit boring. The commercials disappointed most observers. And the team from the Golden State lost to the team from Massachusetts in a contest played in Georgia. 

But at the 12:17 mark of Maroon 5's Super Bowl 53 halftime show, California won big.

That's when Adam Levine, the group's lead singer and a Los Angeles native, removed his shirt to reveal a bold, slightly curved California tattoo across his abdomen. The camera seemed to linger on the performer's torso—to be fair, it's quite an impressive torso—and social media responded as you might expect. 


Levine, 39, is proud of his many tattoos, which include Sanskrit symbols, a lion, a dove, a heart, a guitar, a beaded necklace, various flowers, and an elaborate mythological scene on his back that took his go-to tattoo artist, Bryan Randolph from Spider Murphy's Tattoo in San Rafael, six months to create. (Want to learn more about this illustrated man's many tats? You're in luck—these two articles will tell you everything you could ever want to know.)

The California tattoo, it should be noted, is not particularly new. Levine first posted it and several other creations on Instagram in December 2015, referring to his "new friends." See post below.

And the California tattoo that garnered so much air time at the big game is not Levine's only epidermic tribute to the Golden State. He also has a Los Angeles tattoo on his shoulder, in honor of his hometown. 

Countless celebrities call California home, and many of them are proud to share their love for the Golden State. Don't believe us? Then check out these California Questionnaires with Dax Shepard, Kelis, Kristen Bell, Tom Delonge, Mario Lopez, Zoey Deutch, and many others. They're filled with tips on the best places to go across the state, from dune buggying in the desert to snowboarding in the Sierra. 

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