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6 Reasons Why In-N-Out Burger Should be on Your California Hit-List

6 Reasons Why In-N-Out Burger Should be on Your California Hit-List

Want fries with that? The world-famous burger joint is a must-try when travelling around the Golden State

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Posted 3 years agoby Lindsey Steele

In-N-Out is a true Californian institution, and its “Animal Style” burgers and addictive secret sauce has people drooling the world-over. The burger joint is loved so much that word-of-mouth advertising is enough to get customers in the door (or through the drive-thru). Only using the freshest of ingredients and with no freezer or microwave in sight, it’s no wonder In-N-Out is the first California stop for many people looking for a tasty pick-me-up.

So, what makes In-N-Out Burger a must-stop when driving through the Golden State?

Family-Run Business

Opened 71 years ago in Los Angeles by Harry and Esther Snyder, this drive-through hamburger stand became synonymous for its no-nonsense hamburgers and easily recognised by the yellow arrow in its logo. However, keeping it in the family doesn’t mean it can’t be cool. In fact, the brand is so cool that even trainer brand Puma has teamed up with In-N-Out to create a pair of seriously cool trainers, allowing fans to take their love of the hamburger chain to the next level. The main reason the family have chosen not to franchise the business is to ensure the high levels of quality and consistency—amen to that!


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The Neapolitan Shake

Three is definitely the magic number when it comes to In-N-Out shakes. Can’t decide what flavour you’re craving? Why not choose all three? Mix chocolate, strawberry and vanilla together and what do you get? A heavenly delicious milkshake combo that’s what. You’re welcome.



The Not-So-Secret Menu

Do as the locals do and order from the “secret menu,” which basically means you can get your burger prepared however your heart desires. With more and more people asking for items off this so-called “secret menu,” In-N-Out has now listed the items on their website. You could go totally wild and make up your own meat-to-cheese ratio—the secret menu is In-N-Out’s way to give the hungry customer exactly what they want.



Fries, Animal Style

Not ordering your fries Animal Style is a rookie mistake. Devour tasty golden fries with the addition of melted American cheese, grilled onions and a secret sauce (very similar to Thousand Island dressing here in the UK). Our mouths are watering just thinking about it.



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The Flying Dutchman

If you’re avoiding carbs, this is the burger for you! Consisting of two beef patties with some melted cheese in the middle, less is definitely more with this one. The Flying Dutchman should come with a warning though: it’s extremely messy, so get those napkins ready.

Famous Fans of In-N-Out Burger

It’s not just us mere mortals who love to tuck into a juicy California burger, A-lister’s such as Beyonce, Tom Hanks and Gigi Hadid have all shared their love for a bite of the good stuff.


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