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5 Brunch Spots in California That’ll Leave You Wanting More

5 Brunch Spots in California That’ll Leave You Wanting More

From eggs and avo to champagne and oysters, here are some worthy places to start your day right across the state

Posted 5 years agoby Lindsey Steele

In California brunch is more than just a meal sandwiched between breakfast and lunch, it’s a way of life. Given that a bad brunch decision can make or break your weekend, we’ve shared our top five places to kick off your day the right way. From champagne and oysters to crabcake benedict, the Golden State has options to keep everyone satisfied.

Morning Glory, San Diego

Enjoy the most important meal of the day at the recently opened Morning Glory. Created by the team behind Raised by Wolves and Polite Provisions, this must-try restaurant takes brunch to the next level with a little substance and flair. Morning Glory’s interior is stunning, with pink booths, an enormous florescent pink starburst sculpture and the ultimate luxury feature—a champagne vending machine. With a global menu served with a side of irony and sarcasm, it won’t just be the food that puts a smile on your face. Try the Lox ‘n’ Bing—smoked San Diego-caught fish on seasoned bread—or Bizkits & Gravy, which we’re told has more Bizkit than Fred Durst.


Cheeky’s, Palm Springs

Had enough eggs and avo? At Cheeky’s in Palm Springs, go for the adventurous side of the menu. With dishes such as Green Tea waffles with coconut cream and kumquat, Brussels sprout rostis and the famous bacon flight, this place is an absolute treat. Bacon lovers come from far and wide to sample a selection of flavoured bacon—jalapeño, apple cinnamon and egg nog are just a few of the weird and wonderful flavours you can expect. This cheeky little brunch spot is a must visit when in Palm Springs.



Farmshop, Santa Monica

Embracing California’s farm-to-table food scene, Farmshop in Brentwood offers brunch lovers an array of locally-sourced, innovative dishes worthy of a pit stop on any California culinary road trip. As well as the artisanal restaurant, a market supporting local farmers offers everything from farmstead cheese and craft chocolate to cured charcuterie. At Farmshop, you can build your own breakfast made up of the freshest produce or treat yourself to a brunch of the pastry variety in the onsite bakery.



The Dorian, San Francisco

If it’s a sophisticated brunch affair you’re after, look no further than San Francisco’s The Dorian. The old-school parlour is a nod to a bygone era, with champagne and oysters taking pride of place on the brunch menu. Located in the marina neighbourhood, this elegant restaurant, with its beautiful décor and regal purple chairs, is a great homage to Oscar Wilde’s famous indulgent character Dorian Gray. Other must-try dishes include crabcake benedict and the classic avocado toast, served with blue cheese and candied walnuts.



Breakfast Republic, San Diego

Start the day at one of San Diego’s best spots for morning indulgence: Breakfast Republic. Its Insta-worthy offerings of delicious breakfasts, including the Breakfast Mac ‘n’ Cheese, might just change your life. Along with meaty delights, the vegan options are on point with dishes such as Jammin’ Bennie—a tasty combo of blackberry-jalapeño jam, vegan sausage and mung beans—need we say anymore?



California Winery

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