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Try Big Bear's Himalayan Cuisine

Try Big Bear's Himalayan Cuisine

Warm up with authentic dishes and homemade spices

Mountain cuisine of the highest order is served up at Himalayan Restaurant, one of the most inviting and popular restaurants in Big Bear Lake. Tables fill up fast in the longtime standby, and little wonder: dishes from the Nepalese and Indian Himalayan regions such as palak aaloo (silky pureed spinach leaves and bite-size potatoes sautéed with onions, ginger, garlic, and homemade spices) and lamb makhni (tandoor-cooked lamb prepared with tomato-saffron and a curry cream sauce) are outstanding and come in rapid fire out of the small kitchen. It's a homey, relaxed setting—ski parkas and snow boots are welcome—and the staff is friendly and will happily guide you through the menu and suggest dishes. If you or members of your group are vegetarian or vegan, this is the perfect alternative to the burger and pizza places in Big Bear Village, as many of the dishes are vegan- and vegetarian-friendly.

Be sure to order a selection of naans (garlic, onion, cheese, and more), which receive especially enthusiastic reviews, and don’t miss the mo-mo, Tibetan flour dumplings stuffed with meat of vegetables and served with homemade achar dipping sauce and chutney. The house lemonade is also not to be missed—made with ginger for an extra flavor twist, it’s perfect for imbibing on the outdoor patio in the summer. Indian beers and mango lassis (yogurt shakes) are also offered, which round out the authentic Himalayan vibe. And do strike up a conversation with your server; some of the staff has summited Everest.


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