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The Tech Interactive

The Tech Interactive

A workout for your head, hands, and imagination

So much of the magic of the modern era happens invisibly and at nano scale, but The Tech Interactive—or simply “The Tech”—does a great job of creating a fun laboratory and learning experience for curious people of all ages. Dive into interactive exhibits showing the power of technologies ranging from robots to gene-splicing to alternative energy. “The Tech Interactive is where you go to do things, as opposed to a museum, where you go to see things,” says Tech Interactive President and CEO Tim Ritchie.

Take on challenges in the Tech Studio, where problem-solving and facility with STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) is developed through guided activities such as building contraptions with rubber bands, pieces of wood, and plastic bolts to complete a given task. Or feel what it’s like to soar through Manhattan as a bird, with the wind on your face and the sensation that you’re navigating with wings on the Birdly VR flight-simulation experience, the only one of its kind.

Learn about internet security through the Cyber Detectives interactive exhibit, and collaborate with the AI-enhanced robot Animaker to bring your favorite animal to life, part of the Reboot Reality experimental space. And don’t forget to just let the kids wander for some of your time there to make their own discoveries—they’re sure to find their way to the ultimate video games. You’ll probably want to play too.

Of course, man does not live by bits and bytes alone—take a break to relax in the café, then peruse tech-and-science-y items in the gift shop (especially great for holidays and birthdays). 


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