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Plan a "Born to Be Wild" Trip

Plan a "Born to Be Wild" Trip

Discover the locations featured in our latest TV spot—from a fabled beachfront town to a drive-thru tree

In California, the open road is our anthem, and every road we travel is a promise. We’re filled with hope for what’s coming around the next corner. We’ve pledged our allegiance to a road-trip manifesto, and it goes something like this: We believe that you haven’t seen a big tree until you’ve driven through one. We believe that snowboards and surfboards should share a roof rack, and that 840 miles of coastline is just right. We believe in rediscovering our sense of wonder. We believe that what we do matters more than what we post.

Visit California’s latest TV spot invites people from all around the globe to join in the California Road Trip Republic, a Golden-State-of-mind where you can satisfy your wanderlust by traveling your way, on your own terms. Set your sights on all the California icons you’ve been wanting to see, or watch the TV spot for inspiration. Then read below to find out where we’re going—and jump in from wherever you happen to be. Buckle up, roll down the windows, and ride with us.

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