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Monterey Wharf II

Monterey Wharf II

Taste the best of this historic seafood hub

Whether you catch it yourself, buy it fresh from a local fisherman, or eat it prepared on a plate, this is the spot to savor the catch of the day. While the original Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey gets the most attention from tourists due to its shops and restaurants, Wharf II is the true nerve center of the local seafood trade.

Built in 1926, Wharf II, in addition to being an active fishing pier, is home to fish markets, an abalone farm, restaurants, and the (private) Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club. (Is there anything more spellbinding than watching a sailboat soar over the waves?) Home cooks can see fisherman unload the day’s haul at Royal Seafood, then hand-pick a crab dinner. If you want someone else to do the cooking, head to the Sandbar and Grill tucked beneath the wharf for piping hot fish and chips or a taste of local sanddabs. And don’t leave town without a visit to the world-class Monterey Bay Aquarium.

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