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Here’s How to Order Your Free 2022 California Road Trips Guide

Here’s How to Order Your Free 2022 California Road Trips Guide

Discover 8 new itineraries and simple ways to become an eco-friendly traveler

Posted 6 months ago

Whether you’re dreaming about a last-minute summer vacation, a fall getaway, or something else entirely, it’s always a good time to plan a trip to the Golden State. The free 2022 California Road Trips guide will inspire you to discover new locations with eight go-at-your-own-pace itineraries.

The opening section of the magazine—“Guide to Sustainable Road Trips”—arms you with everything you need to know about exploring the state in an eco-friendly fashion. With the abundance of electric chargers in the state, driving an electric vehicle is one straightforward way to make a difference. “Tips for Timing Your Trip” gives advice on off-peak travel; “11 Deserving Destinations” highlights California towns and regions that have made a serious commitment to green practices; and “Regenerative Travel 101” provides an introduction on how to leave communities better than you found them.

The eight itineraries comprising the second part of California Road Trips cover the full gamut of Golden State landscapes, destinations, and experiences. “Wine to Waves” takes readers through four distinct wine regions that all happen to be connected by one magical thoroughfare: Highway 128. Starting in Yolo County, this 150-mile jaunt includes endless vineyard views and stops in Napa Valley, Sonoma County, and Mendocino County. Even better, this trip and the seven others all come with unique, custom-built Spotify playlists that complement the history, terrain, and vibe of each journey.

Anyone looking for a luxury escape should check out the “SoCal Splurge,” a three-to-five-day trek that begins in Laguna Beach, ends in Santa Barbara, and is filled with gorgeous views, great meals, and plenty of retail therapy. Nerds will gravitate to “A Geek’s Guide to California,” an epic 922-mile trip that showcases locations used in classic science-fiction films as well as the new Comic-Con Museum in San Diego. The “Autism-Friendly California Adventure,” inspired by Visit Visalia, celebrates destinations and attractions that make a special effort to welcome guests on the spectrum.

Get the full itineraries for these trips and other incredible California adventures in the 2022 California Road Trips guide. Flip through the digital version or request a free print copy sent directly to your home. 

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