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Funderland Amusement Park

Funderland Amusement Park

This charming Sacramento park will delight small fry

The delightfully low-key Funderland has been a part of William Land Park since the 1940s, sitting right next to two other great family attractions in the Sacramento park: the Sacramento Zoo and Fairytale Town. Indeed, all proceeds from the park help support the zoo and Fairytale Town, too. 

At this charming theme park, little ones can ride and climb aboard vehicles of all sorts—boats, cars, trains, and planes, all scaled down for the pint-size set. The two most “vintage” rides are the Classic Carousel, which was here when the park first opened, and the Oscar the Fisher, which followed a few years later. If you’ve got a knee-high daredevil in your family, head for the Flying Dragon Roller Coaster, while junior explorers will love zooming around in Backroads Buggies.

This park is especially nice for the preschool set, who often get thwarted by height requirements at amusement parks geared toward bigger kids. Seven of the nine rides here are accessible for two-year-olds and they can ride even more if they’re at least 36 inches tall. The only other ride restrictions are for pregnant guests or those wearing a hard cast—but those guests can also pay the discounted admission price.

Since it can be tough to get little kids to smile and look at the camera during a fast-moving ride, Funderland has a nice solution: ride-like photo op stations. Kids can pose in a Red Baron plane or in the “Duesy,” a small truck modeled after a classic Duesenberg car.

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