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Visit Forestiere Underground Gardens, Fresno’s Subterranean World

Forestiere Underground Gardens

Tour Fresno’s remarkable subterranean world of gardens, fruit trees, and courtyards

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In the Central Valley, a staggering, unseen network of subterranean tunnels, chambers, and grottos meanders for some 10 acres, hidden just beneath the surface. Fresno’s Forestiere Underground Gardens is the handiwork of Sicilian immigrant Baldassare Forestiere. From 1906 to 1946, the visionary builder, using only shovels, picks, and other hand tools, created this catacomb-like compound, allegedly as a cool subterranean retreat from the region’s soaring summer temperatures.

“He just kind of wanted to get out of the Fresno heat,” says Lyn Forestiere Kosewski, great-niece of Baldassare and now owner of the gardens, which is open for fascinating tours nearly year-round. “He understood that it was cooler underground (from) the cellars back in Sicily.” 

But this is no somber collection of barren caves. Forestiere was building a home, and the hand-chiseled underground complex includes such seemingly incongruous touches as an underground fishing pond and a chapel. There are also open-air skylights, so that Forestiere’s collection of fruit trees and grape vines could thrive and bear fruit, even underground. It’s an ironic achievement, given that the young immigrant originally bought the parcel where the tunnels now hide as potential land to start a citrus empire, yet it proved to be all wrong for growing the lush groves Forestiere originally envisioned. So, with otherwise worthless land, he went down, using no plans other than the ideas in his head.

“Baldassare had to physically dig through this—three to five feet of sedimentary rock—not an easy task,” says Lyn Forestiere. “He got a lot of negativity from people who didn’t understand what he was doing.” According to historic reports, Forestiere once said that the visions he had for building his underground wonderland overwhelmed him. Seeing the results on a guided tour, you can’t help but be moved by the seemingly Herculean achievement of this humble Sicilian immigrant.

Know before you go: Forestiere Underground Gardens is closed late December through early March, and on Tuesdays of every week. Check the garden’s tour calendar for details.



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