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Forage Wild Kitchen

Forage Wild Kitchen

Underground supper club for the locavore

The brainchild of San Francisco entrepreneur Iso Rabins, Forage SF was launched to support local food purveyors and artisans by helping monetize their businesses. The popularity of Forage’s underground markets led to the creation of Wild Kitchen, a roving underground supper club. Each meal highlights a different foraged ingredient from the local landscape, like mussels, moon snails, and edible mushrooms. Eight-course dinners feed up to 100 guests at a large communal table. Whether at a houseboat in Sausalito or the rooftop deck of a hip loft in San Francisco’s SoMa (South of Market) neighborhood, the meals are meant to inspire conversation about food, community, and sustainability. 

Forage SF also offers seasonal classes and guided walks, focusing on wild foods, medicinal plants, and edible flowers in the Bay Area. Classes are typically held in San Francisco’s Presidio and other urban parks, and are great whether you’re a novice or veteran forager. 

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