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Curtis Stone's Culinary Adventure

Curtis Stone's Culinary Adventure

Celebrity Chef Curtis Stone draws his culinary inspiration from California's abundance

Curtis Stone may have been born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, and trained in London, but these days he calls California home.

After he moved to Los Angeles, Curtis opened his first restaurant, Maude, in Beverly Hills in 2014, naming it after his grandmother, who he says taught him everything he knows in the kitchen. Serving up a tasting menu in a tiny (24-seat) restaurant has been a continuing and evolving part of Curtis’ repertoire. He followed up his success by collaborating with his brother Luke in the opening of the Gwen Butcher’s Shop and Restaurant in Hollywood.

Now Curtis is drawing inspiration for Maude’s menu from wine regions around the world. He and his team have been to Rioja in Spain, Burgundy in France, and most recently to California’s Central Coast to explore the produce and wine that make this part of the world unique.

We followed him on his culinary journey discovering the best Central Coast produce and more fun experiences along the way. 

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