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Crystal Pier Hotel

Crystal Pier Hotel

Sleep above the waves in San Diego

Lining a vintage wooden pier built in 1927, the clapboard cottages at Crystal Pier Hotel are as close as you can get to the Pacific without needing gills.

Lots of places tout an oceanfront setting, but these 1930-vintage cottages go one better: They’re actually perched right above it—atop the Crystal Pier. Not only will you see and smell the ocean, you’ll feel it too, especially when the surf is up and the waves surge toward shore underneath the pier. Exciting stuff.

Each cottage is decorated with wood floors and equipped with a kitchenette, while a small semi-private patio lets you catch some sun and take in spectacular views. Hole up here on a stormy weekend for a bit of wintry romance, or book ahead for a summer stay, when the cottages offer easy access to but also an escape from the busy Pacific Beach scene.

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