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Big Bear Zip Line

Big Bear Zip Line

Zoom over and through snowy forests

For an over-the-top outdoor experience, take flight on a zip line near Big Bear Lake. You’ll fly as high as 85 feet above the forest floor—the sweeping views of the snowy scenery are unbeatable as you slice through the brisk mountain air. The year-round safari-style ride offered by Action Zipline Tours lets you clip in, then zoom along nine separate lines ranging from 120 to 860 feet. The longer you spend speeding down a line, the faster you go, so that by the time you clip in to the longest line, you’ll (safely) reach speeds of up to 45 miles per hour! The zip lines operated by Action Zipline Tours are the only zip lines built according to San Bernardino County Building and Safety codes and certified by the state of California, so you can get in on the fun knowing that safety is the top priority.

By the end of your three-hour adventure, you’ll be a zipping pro. You’ll also get an extra boost of adrenaline crossing an above-it-all suspension bridge, testing your agility and balance while strapped into a safety harness. All gear and instruction is provided as well as an off-road ride in the Action Zipline Tours safari vehicle to the site, which is located two miles into the forest. Weather conditions have to be right for zip lining, so be sure to call ahead for reservations, and visit their website to get details on what to wear and height, weight, and age requirements.

Another option: the Soaring Eagle, an amusement-style two-at-a-time ride that starts at the base of the Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain. After settling into your gondola-like seats, you’ll be towed upward and backward 500 feet to reach a height of 100 feet before being catapulted forward on an arc that will make you feel like you are soaring over Big Bear Lake.


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