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Ann Pridipun: Finding Fashion and Haute Cuisine

Ann Pridipun: Finding Fashion and Haute Cuisine

The director of sales for The Beverly Hilton loves to introduce travelers to the indulgent side of life

“I’ve always been a Southern California girl,” says Ann Pridipun. Born in Hollywood, raised in Los Angeles County, and educated at the University of California, Irvine, Pridipun says it wasn’t until she moved to Beverly Hills in 2012 that her “life went on the fast track.” Within a few years, she’d met her husband, got married, started a family (her kids are now 2 and 4), and landed her dream job: director of sales at The Beverly Hilton

In that role Pridipun is responsible for creating the best guest experience in Beverly Hills, working with high-profile tourism groups and corporations in need of a special place to stay. Each year starts in a glamorous way with bookings tied to major award shows—the hotel’s International Ballroom has been the red-carpet home to glitzy Hollywood events for over 50 years.  

COVID-19, of course, made things a bit complicated early in 2021, but Pridipun and team leaned into their creativity, offering rooftop screenings of major motion pictures as a sort of pandemic pivot and inviting guests to watch from a private terrace in the hotel. 

Now that travel is in full swing, Pridipun is back to what she does best: showcasing her hotel and city to win the business of guests who can choose to go anywhere in the world. Located in the heart of sunny Los Angeles and famous for unparalleled luxury and exceptional style, Beverly Hills isn’t exactly a tough spot to pitch. “The fashion and delicious cuisines—it’s paradise to me,” says Pridipun, who recommends Yves Saint Laurent for purses, Diptyque for perfume, and Le Mervetty for classic French pastries like macarons or the must-try Le Merveilleux..

For a perfect day in Beverly Hills, Pridipun recommends going full glitz and glamour. Start by booking a classic cabana room overlooking the Hilton’s iconic Aqua Star Pool, the largest in L.A. Then head over to Rodeo Drive to browse luxury shops and “get that Hollywood movie experience.” Don’t miss Via Rodeo, a little cobblestone offshoot that “feels like you’re in Europe” and Beverly Boulevard for more high-fashion finds. 

Do brunch at celeb hotspot The Ivy, where Pridipun orders the lobster ravioli, before museum hopping at The GettyLACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), or the La Brea Tar Pits. Just before sunset, make your way to Canon Drive for a photo op. “If no one is there, you can get one of those famous shots in the middle of the street with palm trees all lined up in the background,” she says. 

Get a super-exclusive dining experience at Nozawa Bar, a secret 10-seat sushi room inside of Sugarfish from acclaimed Japanese chef Osamu Fujita. If a rooftop dinner with spectacular views appeals, just head upstairs from your cabana to the Beverly Hills Hilton’s Sant’olina; the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills’ Rooftop by JG is another gorgeous option. Then head to the Sunset Strip (“absolutely the best nightlife”) to keep the party going into the wee hours. 

“I love being surrounded by the fabulous lifestyle,” says Pridipun. “It truly is the home of the rich and famous, which inspires me to live my best life.”

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Pridipun always encourages guests to get out and try new things, including these only-in-Beverly Hills experiences. 

Idyllic picnic: “For an exotic-paradise picnic spot, go to Virginia Robinson Gardens at the Robinson mansion, one of the first homes in Beverly Hills. The Robinsons used to own a huge department store across the street from our hotel.”

Masterful martini: “One of my favorite dirty martinis in town is at Mastro’s Steakhouse. Blue cheese olives. It’s fantastic.”

Better cheddar: “For cheese lovers like me, the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills is amazing. Pick up items for a picnic or sample the amazing cheese. My favorites are gruyère and white cheddar.” 

Whimsical withdrawals: “For something a little bit different, try the Sprinkles ATM. It’s right next to the Sprinkles store. Just put in your card and out comes a cupcake. You can go there after hours, too.”

Special seafood: “You have to get the eggplant and zucchini chips at Avra. Excellent seafood, perfect people-watching—it’s just beautiful. You can go to the big ice display piled with lobster, fish, and shrimp and pick what you want. They bring the whole fish to your table and debone it right in front of you.” 


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