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5 Questions with Fernando Tatis, Jr.

5 Questions with Fernando Tatis, Jr.

The San Diego Padres’ All-Star shortstop shared a few quick insights about his favorite aspects of the Golden State

Posted 2 years agoby John Godfrey

Visit California: Where do you live?

Fernando Tatis, Jr.: I’m from the Dominican Republic but during the baseball season, I live in downtown San Diego.

VC: Why there?

FTJ: It’s close to work. Petco Park (where we play) is downtown so I like to stay close by so I can get to and from the field easily.

VC: Who or what is your greatest California love?

FTJ: I love our fans. San Diego Padres fans are the best in baseball and have shown me nothing but love since the day I got here. All the support they have given me was one of the reasons why I signed a long-term extension to stay here. They are hungry for a championship, and we are working hard every single day to bring that to our fans and the city of San Diego.

VC: Time for a road trip—where are you going?

FTJ: We travel a lot during the season and one of my favorite spots to visit in California is San Francisco. They have an awesome ballpark right on the water and the city is great. Since they’re in our division, we get a chance to make the trip up there a few times a year. My dad and I also really enjoy visiting Los Angeles and Dodger Stadium specifically. I can’t exactly explain why, but we always seem to make some great memories there.

VC: How would your California dream day unfold? 

FTJ: Bringing a World Series trophy to San Diego and getting to celebrate with the entire city and Padres fans everywhere. Seeing the joy and excitement from our fans on the day of the parade as we make our way through the streets of San Diego would be a dream come true.

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