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In California, we believe in the power of potential and possibility, especially when it comes to our dreams. We also know that life will never reach its full potential unless we relentlessly ask, “What if?” After all, “if” is Cal-if-ornia’s middle name.

We invite you to explore the What If–themed content below: What if money was no object and you could splurge your way across the state? What if you could travel back in time to explore California’s fascinating history? What if you could experience total isolation, or nonstop adventure, or the sensation of flying? Here, we welcome all What If’s with open arms because there’s only one wrong way to “What If”…What if you don’t?

The safety of both visitors and residents is a top priority in the Golden State. Before traveling, familiarize yourself with local guidelines and regulations for all of the destinations you plan to visit. We also encourage everyone to check out Visit California’s Responsible Travel Hub as well as the latest Travel Updates.

What if...money was no object?

What if...you could eat anything you wanted?

What if...your kids planned your vacation?

What if...life was one long shopping spree?

What if...you could travel through time?