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Disneyland Resort for Younger Kids

Disneyland Resort for Younger Kids vca_maps_orangecounty
Disneyland Resort for Younger Kids
Fairytale fun plus some silly spaces for free play equals a whole lot of magic

Flying elephants, giant teacups, costumed characters making the rounds—for more than 60 years, this magical world of make-believe has been the happiest place on earth. Fantasyland, with all its low-thrill classics, including Peter Pan’s Flight and It’s a Small World is the go-to spot for children aged five or younger, but queues are the longest here, too, so tackle it first thing. Staying at a Disneyland hotel means you can beat the queues by entering the park an hour before it opens to the public.

When you've had your fill of ride-hopping, skip over to Toontown to blow off some steam. Children will have a blast touring Mickey and Minnie’s homes, where anything goes, from climbing on Mickey’s furniture to snooping in Minnie’s fridge. (Spoiler: it’s stocked with cheese.)

You can always count on this Anaheim park to make it easy on parents. With the Disneyland App, you’ll have access to waiting times and the locations of their favourite characters, FastPass machines and, most importantly, toilets. There’s also a well-stocked baby care centre with private areas for breast-feeding, microwaves for warming food and potties for those who are toilet training.

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