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4 Spooky Places To Stay In California | Visit California

4 Spooky Places To Stay In California

Celebrate all things Halloween with these spooky places to stay

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Posted 4 years agoby Lindsey Steele

Halloween, a holiday synonymous with the states is a time to embrace all things freaky, fancy-dressed and pumpkin shaped. But, it wouldn’t be October 31st without a little spookiness. If ghosts and ghouls get your heart racing, check out these haunted hotels in California… we dare you!!


The Queen Anne Hotel, San Francisco

Once a finishing school for girls, the kind-hearted headmistress, Miss Mary Lake, is said to still haunt the Victorian-inspired Queen Anne Hotel, which dates back to the late 1800s. Situated in the renowned Pacific Heights neighbourhood, Miss Lake tends to stay in room 410 where she is known to cover up sleeping travellers with blankets and unpack their suitcases – now that sounds like our kind of ghost!






Brookdale Lodge, Santa Cruz


Nestled deep in the Santa Cruz Mountains, surrounded by redwoods (already sounds creepy!) lays the historic Brookdale Lodge, a former lumber mill which now stands as a cosy, secluded hotel – often compared to Stephen King’s novel ‘The Shinning’. During the 1940s – 1950s the lodge entered its most intriguing period, becoming a home for gangsters and other shady characters. It was during this time that a young girl, Sarah Logan, the niece of the lodge owner, drowned – and it’s her ghost that is most often seen at the Brookdale.





Sunset Tower, West Hollywood


The art-deco landmark still bears the hallmarks of old Hollywood glamour. Sunset Tower’s proximity to the Sunset Strip and its famous nightclubs and residents contributes to its status as one of West Hollywood’s most iconic spots. It’s also become synonymous with the ghost of a beautiful flapper girl, known to ride in the lift with unsuspecting guests.





Hyatt Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara


As beautiful, as it is supposedly haunted, the Hyatt Santa Barbara is said to frighten even the most hardened souls. The hotel, once a WWII hospital has become home to an array of paranormal activity. Employees and guests are said to have witnessed grey shadows, flying objects, lights flickering on and off, and ghostly footsteps.



Now, the question is, would you dare stay in any of these haunted hotels?


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