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Travel Updates

Travel Updates
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Travel Updates: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) that began in late 2019 has established itself across the globe, impacting travel throughout the world — including California.

The strict stay-at-home measures introduced by Gov. Gavin Newsom in March are gradually being replaced as the state moves into the early stages of recovery. Physical distancing measures remain a priority, but many parks, beaches, and retail operations are beginning to reopen, with restrictions.

That said, most tourist attractions — theme parks, ski resorts, entertainment venues, wineries, many state and national parks, including Yosemite National Park — remain closed.

For more travel advisories and information, please refer to California’s official Resilience Roadmap. Also, here is a collection of California’s local and regional tourism offices where you can find advisories specific to that destination.

Thank you, and be safe.

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