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Create Your Own La La Land Tour VC_LaLaLand_Supplied_Lionsgate_LLL_D29_05187_R_1280x640
Dale Robinette

Create Your Own La La Land Tour

Create Your Own La La Land Tour
Visit these 7 locations featured in the acclaimed film

The charming movie musical La La Land starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone has rightfully garnered rave reviews and awards-season buzz. The tap-dancing and singing duo are showcased in a love story that is as much about the pair as it is about the city of Los Angeles. The jazz themes, references to old-Hollywood glamour, and aspirational premise make perfect use of L.A.’s most iconic locations as the backdrop.

If you’re a La La Land fan, good news: You can visit many of the movie’s locations in person. The film featured more than 40 sites around Los Angeles County, but the seven below are some of the most recognizable.  

1. Warner Brothers Studios


Stone is a barista at a (fictional) coffee shop on the Warner Brothers Studio movie lot in Burbank, where she and Gosling wander through the soundstages and sets featured in classics like Casablanca and 42nd Street. (Part of La La Land was also filmed at Hollywood Center Studios.) Visitors can go behind the scenes at Warner Brothers on one of its backstage tours to see the historic sets and prop warehouses used in its most well-known films.

2. The SmokeHouse Restaurant


The stars first meet at this steak joint across the street from the Warner Brothers lot, where Gosling’s character defies the restaurant manager by disregarding the required Christmas carol repertoire in favor of improvised jazz. The SmokeHouse is steeped in Hollywood history, dating back to the time of Bob Hope, Humphrey Bogart, and Judy Garland. It became the hangout for celebrities and movie extras—in fact, SmokeHouse regular George Clooney named his production company Smokehouse Pictures in a nod to the restaurant. You can still sample the namesake prime rib as well as their famous garlic bread, which at one point made the SmokeHouse the largest purveyor of French bread west of the Mississippi.

Fun fact: The exterior of the restaurant shown in the movie is the famous mural “You Are the Star,” depicting Marilyn Monroe, Superman, Shirley Temple, and others sitting in a theater audience. The painting’s true location is actually on the corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Wilcox Ave.

3. Rialto Theatre

South Pasadena

The couple watches Rebel Without a Cause at this South Pasadena theater, which opened its doors in the 1920s and served as a stage for vaudeville performances and movies. The theater was closed to the public in 2010 , but a developer purchased the building in 2015 and has plans to bring it back to life as a fourplex cinema that will maintain much of the original architecture.

4. The Lighthouse Cafe

Hermosa Beach

Gosling’s jazz-loving character Sebastian brings Stone to this beachfront venue in an attempt to sway her into loving his favorite genre. The bistro’s rich musical history is the real deal: The Lighthouse is where Miles Davis and Chet Baker used to make guest appearances in the 1950s and ’60s. The venue maintains its legacy with jazz brunches and happy hours that now alternate with salsa, country, and pop music nights. After the pair parts ways, Gosling sings the movie’s main theme, “City of Stars,” as he walks down the 1,000-foot-long Hermosa Beach Pier.

5. Colorado Street Bridge


During a how-they-fall-in-love montage, Gosling and Stone are seen walking across this 1,500-foot-long bridge that rises 150 feet above Arroyo Seco. When it was completed in 1913, it was the highest concrete bridge in the world, connecting Pasadena to Los Angeles. It’s not the bridge’s first cameo—it also appeared in Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid and Being John Malkovich.

6. Sarita’s at Grand Central Market

Downtown Los Angeles

The pair grab food at the Salvadoran restaurant Sarita’s Pupuseria, housed within the downtown Los Angeles market that was built in 1917. Inside, nearly 100 vendors allow visitors to sample ethnic specialties like Sarita’s pupusas, try creative concoctions like the ultimate breakfast sandwiches at Eggslut, or indulge in the original from-scratch recipes at McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams.

Gosling and Stone continue their date with a ride on the Angels Flight Railway across the street from the market, which is definitely worth a photo opp. Note: It is not currently open to the public, but that could change in the future.

7. Griffith Observatory

Los Angeles

While you can’t waltz through the air in this star-filled planetarium, you can visit the observatory that’s featured in one of the movie’s most magical scenes. With some of the best views of Los Angeles and a résumé filled with movie appearances, this cultural landmark is a must-see. (Bonus: Admission is free.) Not far from the Observatory is where the couple’s tap-dancing duet takes place on Mt. Hollywood Drive in Griffith Park, which spans more than 4,300 acres.


Create Your Own La La Land Tour LosAngeles_Hero_Killackey_1280x642_sized
Photo by Ryan Killackey

California del Sud

Scoprite la regione di Los Angeles

Create Your Own La La Land Tour vca_maps_losangeles
Average (°C)
Sept - Nov
Dec - Feb
Mar - May
June - Aug

Caccia alle celebrità sulla spiaggia di Malibù Sorseggiate un cocktail su una terrazza al tramonto. Indossate un paio di scarpe firmate in una boutique esclusiva. Crogiolatevi al sole sulla spiaggia, trascorrete la giornata in un parco a tema, visitate i musei di livello internazionale e ballate fino al mattino in un eccitante nightclub. Benvenuti nella città più animata della California, la capitale d’America dell’intrattenimento, con continui passaggi di mega-star e un’infinità di cose da fare.

"Non si è vermanente nessuno a LA, fino a che non si possiede una grande porta d'ingresso" - dichiara l'attore Steve Martin".


Il centro maggiore è la città di Los Angeles, con la leggendaria Hollywood a nordovest del centro, la San Fernando Valley ad est, e le accoglienti spiagge di Santa Monica e Malibù ad ovest

Create Your Own La La Land Tour Hollywood_collectmoments_1280x642
"La moglie indiana" è stato il primo lungometraggio girato a Hollywood nel 1913.
Create Your Own La La Land Tour LA-GriffithObs-1280x624
Griffith Observatory

Focus: Los Angeles

Create Your Own La La Land Tour vca_maps_losangeles
Splendore di luci, grandi celebrità, città multietnica

Benvenuti nello splendore delle luci e nel fascino urbano della più grande città della California. Qui, i personaggi più famosi passeggiano...


A Pasadena si dà il benvenuto all’anno nuovo con l’esplosione “flower power” dell’immancabile sfilata di carri e l’attesissima partita di football del 1° gennaio. La sfilata prevede tre diversi...

Create Your Own La La Land Tour VCW_Events_RoseParade_PaulineCheng_preview_686x885
Photo by Pauline Cheng/Flickr
Create Your Own La La Land Tour vca_maps_losangeles
Create Your Own La La Land Tour VCW_D_Hollywood-Hero_Neil Kremer_5316761930_131da16c01_o_1280x642_2
Photo by Neil Kremer/Flickr

Focus: Hollywood

Create Your Own La La Land Tour vca_maps_losangeles
Showbusiness, stelle del cinema, e grandi opportunità

Tinseltown (uno dei soprannomi di Hollywood) è il luogo dove le stelle del cinema spuntano come funghi (o così ci piace credere) e dietro i vetri...

Create Your Own La La Land Tour WestHollywood_SunsetTower_1280x642
Jon Viscott

West Hollywood

Il sogno di ogni designer: stile, design e negozi di tendenza

Ci sarà un motivo se West Hollywood è stata soprannominata “La città creativa”. “WeHo” confina con Beverly Hills e Los Angeles ed è il luogo in...

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Per gentile concessione di Chris Burden/ Museum Associates/ LACMA

Musei di L.A.

Ammirate capolavori e opere d’arte contemporanee innovative

Con la sua vasta offerta di musei, Los Angeles è diventata una delle città più frequentate del mondo dagli appassionati d’arte. Dal modernissimo...

Sabbia, mare e bambini: una combinazione vincente per il divertimento di tutta la famiglia

Sabbia, mare e bambini: una combinazione vincente per il divertimento di tutta la famiglia. Queste dodici mete marittime presentano caratteristiche interessanti per le famiglie, come acque calme...

Create Your Own La La Land Tour Carmel_BeachDog_Farnum_preview_686x885
Alex Farnum
Esperienze sbalorditive in ambienti unici

Baciate un beluga, ammirate incredibile materiale di scena cinematografico e scoprite il rifugio segreto di Walt Disney partecipando a tour esclusivi e dietro le quinte in uno dei parchi tematici...

Create Your Own La La Land Tour VCW_SI_VIP_T1_MichaelSaechang_preview_686x885
Photo by Michael Saechang/Flickr
Alberghi esclusivi in città famose

Andate dritti al cuore delle città californiane per soggiorni di lusso in sistemazioni di classe. Dagli storici hotel di San Francisco alle sistemazioni preferite dalle star di Hollywood e Beverly...

Create Your Own La La Land Tour PalaceHotel_LynGateley_preview_686x885
Lynn Gately/Flickr
Create Your Own La La Land Tour VCW_D_LA_T14_IMG_7392-1280x642
Aquarium of the Pacific by Harriot Manley

Long Beach

Scoprite tutti i lati di questa dinamica città sulla costa.

Con spiagge e porti sul lungomare e negozi e ristoranti sempre pieni sulla centrale Pine Avenue, Long Beach è una curiosa fusione tra una grande...

Create Your Own La La Land Tour VCW_D_LA_T15_DisneyConcert_Judge
Disney Concert Hall by Jen Judge

Architettura a Los Angeles

Scoprite icone e luoghi di interesse che non possono passare inosservati

Sebbene venga considerata una città “giovane” in rapporto, ad esempio, a Roma, Los Angeles vanta una sua tradizione architettonica che spazia tra...

Create Your Own La La Land Tour VCW_D_T12-LA_Venice_Judge_0
Civic Musical Road, a Lancaster, è l'unica strada dedicata alla "musica" e al "canto" in tutti gli USA.